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Ohio Bankers League Products & Services Update

Written by Brenda Arnold

I love babies, toddlers, kids, teens…you name it. The ornerier they are, the better in my opinion. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know not only our members, but also family members of our members during my seventeen years *cough* at the OBL.

One such occasion was at our convention in Boston in 2014. Matt Kocin, Client Relationship Manager with Banc Consulting Partners was there with his wife, Sue and baby. I saw Matt and Sue walking with a stroller and I hustled over to look at that baby. When I peeked in, I saw a most beautiful little cherub with eyes of blue and cornsilk hair. I leaned over and smiled with a “Hello, little man!” Baby Austin looked up at me without blinking and then (wait for it)…he growled. I don’t know who was more shocked: me or his parents. Anyway, I’ll never forget that because it made quite an impression and I remind Matt of it every time I see him.

Fast forward seven years, and Matt is now on our Next Generation Advisory Board. He participated in our Next Gen Conference this month as an OBL Member, Next Gen Board Member and Keynote Sponsor. (A triple threat!) The theme of the conference was “Building for the Future” and each of our sponsors was challenged to share with attendees the coolest thing they’ve ever built. Leave it to Matt to provide us with this gem, “Coolest thing ever built: A 4.5ft tall mini me. Having Austin has been all fun and games until starts acting just like me.” As you can see in the photo, Austin is DEFINTELY Matt’s mini-me. (Matt is on the left and Austin is on the right…both around seven years old.)

We feel very fortunate to have Matt’s engagement with the OBL at our Next Gen Conference as well as the frequent and generous support of this OBL Endorsed Business Partner and their 25 year commitment to Ohio community banking. We are thrilled that BCP’s Managing Principal, Lou Moore is wise and realizes the value of having Matt engage with the next generation of bankers and build those relationships from the ground up. It’s also why Lou makes wise statements like “You don’t know what you don’t know” and “people don’t know how much you know until they know how much you care” which is very true of Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI).

We know several bank CEOs who changed their minds about BOLI because they found out what they DIDN’T KNOW what they thought they knew about BOLI after a dialogue with Lou and Matt. With the vast amount of excess liquidity our banks are experiencing, the timing is perfect to find out what you don’t know about BOLI as a liquidity alternative.

Now, sure…Matt and Lou may not be as adorable as Austin, but I can assure you when you do give them a call to see what makes sense for your bank, they won’t growl at you. (at least I don’t think so.)


Brenda Arnold

Products & Services Manager

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